Main Aeration Waterjets SM – multi nozzle

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Single nozzle aeration waterjet
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Double nozzle straight aeration waterjet
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Double nozzles oblique aeration waterjet
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Double nozzles oblique aeration waterjet
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Quiet immersion work - simultaneous mixing and oxygenation
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Main aeration waterjet in the circulation ditch
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General characteristics of the SM Main Aeration Waterjets

Main aeration waterjets are characterized by high mixing and oxygenation capabilities due to their multi-nozzle discharge system. The system is powered by one pump with a capacity of 15-22kW and through 6-10 separate ejector systems drives the medium in the tank. Depending on the height and direction of the nozzle, we can achieve the effect of longitudinal circulation in the tank (e.g. right side forward and left return, horizontal circulation e.g. bottom forward and upward return or a specific direction of tank rinsing. High velocity air-liquid jet prevents sedimentation in the tank and at the same time causes homogenization of the entire volume of oxygenated medium.

We invite you to watch a movie from one of our installations

Construction and operation of the main aeration waterjet.