About Us

Mission of the Company

The main activity of our company is the design, production and sale of submersible sewage pumps as well as sewage and rainwater pumping stations. We also deal with devices for mixing wastewater and aeration, control systems for pumping stations and monitoring: sewage pumping stations, water treatment and pressure boosting stations. Our offer also includes CTR transformer oil pumps. In addition, we provide a number of services such as:

  • periodic inspections,
  • services and modernizations of all types of pumping stations,
  • rental of pumps, switchboards and aeration waterjets,
  • we organize training for designers of pumping stations and operators,
  • we design and manufacture unusual mechatronic constructions.

We always try to be close to our clients and we strive to solve their problems effectively.

Most of our employees are specialists with many years of experience in the fields of design, production and implementation of new projects.

We are happy when you entrust us with your problems because we treat it as proof of trust in our brand.

The company’s history

In the mid-1980s, METALCHEM-WARSZAWA Spółka Akcyjna started production of specialized pumps, including submersible, based on its own designs. A most important moment for the company was the implementation and launch of submersible pumps production in cooperation with the Finnish company SARLIN. Since then, based on our own design office, we have developed our own design solutions for submersible pumps and other devices related to environmental protection.

The tests carried out in the company, at the Warsaw University of Technology and in other research units confirmed the high technical and operational values ​​and allowed to obtain all necessary certificates, including the so-called “Technical approval – approval for use in construction”. This enabled METALCHEM to enter and strengthen the market for major pump manufacturers. The company’s production profile is focused on devices for environmental protection.

The plant has its own design office, in which our specialists professionally select devices and design solutions for individual customer needs, our own processing halls, where we prepare parts for the production of pumps and pumping stations, as well as assembly halls, warehouses and a trade office.