Bearing in mind the constant propagation of knowledge as well as staying in close contact with users, contractors and designers from the industry, we often hold meetings on water, sewage and pumping stations. In this way, by sharing our knowledge with you, we obtain feedback on real operational problems that you need to solve every day. To enable such exchange of knowledge and experience, we have planned a wide range of training courses covering topics such as:

  • Selection of new pumping stations
  • Selection of pumps for existing systems
  • Selection of suitable pumps depending on the fluid handled
  • Designing user-friendly pumping stations
  • Optimization of energy consumption by pumping stations
  • Support for SP type controllers
  • Monitoring – Advantages and possibilities – part I
  • Monitoring – Advanced service – part II
  • Analysis of networks and cascade operation of pumping stations
  • Aeration Waterjets – design, function and benefits of their use

If among the above you have not found a topic that is right for you, please contact our Construction Department in order to arrange the possibility of organizing a suitable meeting for you, we will also be happy to help you by phone or online.