What and why?

Due to frequent inquiries from our clients about the possibility of temporary use of our products, whether for testing before buying, whether during construction or due to periodic work and the need for replacement equipment, we decided to provide you with our RENTAL. We help with choosing products, flexible contract terms and technical facilities to solve your problems.

If you have a need to check our products before buying, you are not sure whether the product will meet your expectations or you have a problem with quick repair of pumps from other manufacturers – nothing simpler, our RENTAL is for you.

You cannot purchase fixed assets but you have a budget for services or other cases – choose our RENTAL.

What can you borrow from us?

  • Sewage and dirty water pumps,
  • Professional bypass (on flexible hoses or PE pipelines)
  • Aeration waterjets for sewage,
  • Propeller and ejector mixers,
  • Control systems also with monitoring,
  • Complete temporary pumping stations.

Dirty water and sewage pumps – due to their solid construction and high resistance to harsh conditions and aggressive environment, our pumps work as pumps for dewatering excavations, pumping water reservoirs (continuous operation) or as pump substitutes from other manufacturers during periods of repair or failure. A rented version with a flexible hose connector, on stands, separating baskets (garbage, stones) or on knee hooks as in a traditional pumping station.

Aeration streamers – perfect for periodic renovation works on wastewater treatment plants or as systems temporarily supporting oxygenation and mixing in areas with increased demand.

Sewage mixers – just like thewaterjets, they are most often used in wastewater treatment plants during renovations or temporary switching off of other mixing components. Many times after a period of testing or rentals, customers decide to purchase these devices on preferential terms.

Control and monitoring systems – all the equipment we rent requires professional power supply and control, in the absence of such sets we provide complete sets. Even during simple drainage works on the construction site, monitoring becomes useful to track the level of pumped liquid, and by analyzing monitoring data, many processes can be streamlined, not to mention the protection of rented equipment. Many times during the rental period of our control systems with monitoring, users could observe surprising phenomena for them, e.g. illegal sewage discharges, water partitions or bottlenecks in their networks.

Complete temporary pumping stations – light and compact with small dimensions, quick to install and easy to use while maintaining professional pumping parameters. Housing made of HDPE, diameter 800-1000mm and height ~ 2.5m. One or two pumps. They can be used, for example, on medium and large construction sites to service sewage, rainwater or drainage, where the work time is several weeks or months and the continuous emptying of the septic tank is associated with serious costs.

How long can you rent?

Equipment rental is possible for a period from 1 week to many months or even years. Due to the fact that our equipment works in difficult conditions, usually construction or aggressive sewage environment, the minimum rental period is 7 days and for pumping stations one month, this is due to the cost of checking and possible restoration of full efficiency of devices before the next rental.

How to rent?

It’s best to contact our Sales or Construction department in order to accurately determine the product / device you need. Then, complete and sign the contract and set the date of the rent. In the event of a prolonged return period, it is sufficient that you regularly inform us, e.g. on a monthly basis, and pay current fees for each set time unit, e.g. on a weekly or monthly invoice.

Responsibility for equipment

Since we are handing over our products for use, we expect you to read the instructions for use and their use will be carried out in accordance with the conditions set out. In the event of damage or breakdown of any device, please inform our service immediately. If the interruption occurred due to a faulty device, it will be replaced or repaired, and we will not charge you for the time in which you will not be able to use it. However, if damage occurs as a result of insufficient protection of the device on your part or improper use (e.g. dry pumping, breakage of the rotor, cutting the power cable, etc.), you will be charged with the costs of restoring the device to full efficiency or in the event of inability to repair ( e.g. after theft or devastation) you will be charged for the purchase of a new device (at the catalog sale price). The costs of servicing or buying back the equipment will be added to the rental costs.