Pumping station service

In order to provide you with the highest quality of services and a sense of comfort in emergency situations in connection with the operation of the Metalchem-Warszawa S.A. pumping station runs a pumping station service that offers:

  • Delivery of pumping tanks,
  • Installation of tank equipment (also owned by the customer),
  • Implementation of periodic inspections,
  • Service care with constant supervision and quick response time,
  • Troubleshooting during the warranty period of our facilities,
  • Post-warranty repairs of our facilities as well as pumping stations of other manufacturers,
  • Pump repairs (with the possibility of taking them and delivering them to / from the customer),
  • Control and power supply repairs (switchgears, floats, probes),
  • Monitoring of pumping stations to determine the causes of failure,
  • Earthworks related to the sewage network and pumping stations,
  • Modernization and replacement of components to restore the efficiency of your pumping systems or raise their standard,
  • Costs for repair and delivery of components.


Phones: + 48 22 837 12 70 wew. 21 lub +48 726 007 004

Email: amarciniak@metalchemsa.pl

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