Pump service

Repairs, guarantees, tests

Dear customers and users of our devices, we would like to inform you that all Metalchem-Warszawa S.A. products before delivery to your hands, they undergo thorough quality control and tests confirming that their parameters are consistent with those presented in the catalogs or the offer submitted to you and that their constructions and activities do not pose a threat to your health or life.

All devices such as submersible pumps, agitators and oil pumps undergo leakage tests in specially prepared pools, where they are connected to a source of compressed nitrogen remain until we are sure that they are made in accordance with technology and all construction assumptions. Only after such verification are they directed to tests confirming their performance parameters (electrical, performance, etc.). Each pump, regardless of whether it is new, after service or overhaul is tested in conditions similar to the user’s conditions. Reports from these tests are attached to sales / repair documents handed over to customers and their copies are stored in our database so that they can always be referred to in the future when contacting the user.

All the instructions, declarations or certificates you need can be downloaded from the Download from our website.

To obtain a copy of the warranty or documents authorizing the repair, please contact the department Commercial.

Our service operates from Monday to Friday during business hours of the company, however, for logistical reasons, before delivering the device to the service, please contact us by phone or via email.


Phone: +48 22 837 12 70 ext. 26 or +48 506 047 421

Email: serwis@metalchemsa.pl

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