Aration Waterjets S1 – single nozzle

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Single nozzle aeration waterjet
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Double nozzle straight aeration waterjet
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Double nozzles oblique aeration waterjet
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Double nozzles oblique aeration waterjet
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Quiet immersion work – simultaneous mixing and oxygenation
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Main aeration waterjet in the circulation ditch
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The aeration waterjets are devices used for oxygenation and mixing of wastewater in biological treatment processes, as well as in the biological reconstruction processes of all types of water where aeration of the medium is required. By creating a strong stream of a mixture of liquids and air bubbles, the power jets create particularly favorable conditions for oxygen transfer and prevent sedimentation.
S1 spotlights can be divided into three versions:

  1. S1 – straight for tanks below 4.5m depth
  2. S1P – straight with raised discharge pipe for tanks from 4.2-5.5m
  3. S1S – slanting for tanks 5.5-7-5m deep

    Aeration Waterjets S1

    Pump typeMSV-80-14HMSV-80-24MSV-80-34MSV-80-44
    Pomp power [kW]1,52,23,04,0
    Immersion min. [m]0,80,80,80,8
    Immersion max. [m]4,04,04,04,5
    Mixing rate [m3/h]33396172
    Oxygen transfer max. [kgO2/h]2,053,124,295,75
    Oxygenation efficiency max. [kgO2/kWh]1,364,141,431,44

    The weight of the device depends on the version [kg]
    Aeration Waterjet S1-14 S1-24 S1-34 S1-44
    S – standing 76 79 108 118
    PZ – affixed-suspended 82 85 114 124
    Z – suspended 78 81 110 120
    Oxygen efficiency and oxygen transfer S1
    Aeration Waterjets S1
    Aeration Waterjets S1

    Materials used

    • Pump – cast iron ŻL200, ŻL250,
    • Suction chamber, supporting structures – stainless steel,
    • Diffuser, fasteners – stainless steel,
    • Suction pipe – PVC,
    • Epoxy varnish coating

    Installation versions

    S1-S Standing aeration waterjets lifted as a whole construction


    S1-PZ Mounted and suspended aeration waterjet, permanently mounted construction and the pump lowered separately along the guides.


    S1-Z Mounted and suspended aeration waterjets, permanently mounted construction and the pump lowered separately along the guides.


    Aeration waterjets S1P and S1S

    In the version with the ejector pipe with raised discharge or oblique pipe, the use of ejectors in deeper tanks is possible than in the basic version. There are many ways to use our aeration waterjets, so please always contact our technical department to choose the right construction for your needs.

    Installation versions

    S1P – S Straight standing aeration waterjets (the whole set can be lowered together)

    S1P - Straight standing aeration waterjet

    S1P – PZ Straight-mounted fixed aeration waterjets (Pump lowered separately with hitch for coupling bend)

    S1P-PZ Mounted and suspended aeration waterjet

    S1S – S Standing inclined aeration waterjet (whole set lowered together)

    Aeration waterjet S1S-S standing version

    S1S-PZ Mounted and suspended oblique aeration waterjet (Pump lowered separately with hitch by guides)

    Aeration waterjet S1S-PZ Oblique attached - suspended